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Instantly take a screenshot of any hosted web page

Choose between our lookup and API screenshot services to capture images of a web page in different downloadable formats for security and business activities.

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Instantly take a screenshot of any hosted web page

Website Screenshot product line includes


Access our hosted tool to immediately get your web page capture and report with a shareable URL and downloadable screenshot.

Website Screenshot Lookup | WhoisXML API
Website Screenshot API | WhoisXML API


Take screenshots via API calls to augment your products and systems. Screenshots show precisely what appears on a browser when the URL is accessed and are also downloadable.


  • Top-Notch

    We use a Chrome-based rendering engine that supports WebFonts, Cascading Style Sheets 3 (CSS3), and JavaScript (JS), so all web screenshots are of high quality.

  • Responsive

    We give you the freedom to control what you see. You may configure parameters, including device emulation, to see how a page looks in mobile or full-page desktop mode.

  • Flexible Сapture Timing

    Our screenshot services use intelligent engines to ensure that web pages are fully loaded before capturing the screenshot. But you can also set a time delay and page load timeout to get better results.

  • Supports Multiple File Formats

    We understand preferences for a specific file format. Your screenshots can take the form of a JPG or PNG file. If you need embedded links, you may also download the screenshot as a PDF file. Screenshot Lookup even allows you to share custom report URLs with others.

  • Custom User-Agent

    Define custom user-agents for more realistic screenshot emulations by a variety of clients.

  • Direct Access URL Support

    Take a screenshot of any web page you wish to scrutinize using its direct access URL.

Practical usage

Uncover the Content of a Malicious Page Securely

Know what content a phishing or any malware-laden page hosts without endangering the security of your system or network. Use our screenshot service to take pictures without accessing malicious links or confirmed indicators of compromise (IoCs) from your browser.

Test Your Website Before Launching It

Use our screenshot service to see how your site looks on different resolutions and screen types. Screenshot API and Screenshot Lookup let you take full-page screenshots by just keying in URLs into the input field.

Make the Most Out of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Monitor your or clients’ marketing pages to ensure they’re always up and running. You can use Screenshot API or Screenshot Lookup to take page screenshots even without actually accessing their links.

Screenshot Service Overview | WhoisXML API

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