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Screenshot Lookup: Check the website a domain name hosts without visiting it

Get website screenshots emulating views from different devices without accessing the domain names. Test our Screenshot Lookup now.

What Is Screenshot Lookup?

Screenshot Lookup is a means to capture the actual and real-time appearance of any active web page. Such capability is useful in testing the scalability and resolution of new web pages across different devices or to avoid visiting unknown or suspicious sites.

Screenshot Lookup

Why Use Screenshot Lookup?

  • Easy to Use

    With Screenshot Lookup, you no longer have to adjust your screen resolution to take a picture of a web page. All you need is the URL and the screenshot will be taken right away for you.

  • Download and Share

    You can save screenshots as JPG files or easily share them with colleagues using the custom URL provided in each report.

  • Full-Page Device Emulation

    Capture the page and choose the device and resolution you want. See how a page in development looks on iPhone X, HTC One, Blackberry Q10, iPad Pro, or a full-HD desktop.

Practical usage

Improve Your Front-End Development Process

Improve Your Front-End Development Process

  • Testing the scalability of your website is a must for companies who want to go mobile. Test your site on different device screens and resolutions to make sure that it’s scalable and optimized for mobile audiences.

Investigate Suspicious Websites Safely

  • Your network can get infected with malware when interacting with dangerous websites. Use Screenshot Lookup first to see what you are dealing with before visiting unknown or suspicious web pages.
Investigate Suspicious Websites Safely
Monitor Your Competitors from a Distance

Monitor Your Competitors from a Distance

  • There’s no need to visit your competitors’ pages to know what they are up to. Screenshot Lookup can keep your visits secret. Just type the site URL and get instant results.
Screenshot Lookup | WhoisXML API

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