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Making requests

API endpoint

It takes up to a minute to activate your account after the registration.

Postman collection

Postman is a desktop and web application that allows you to make requests to an API from a graphical user interface. We recommend using Postman with WhoisXML APIs endpoints when exploring the APIs functionality, as well as when you are troubleshooting issues with your application.

The WhoisXML API Postman collection is available at the following links:

The collection includes a preconfigured environment. You will need to set up the api_key variable to fire each request. Get your personal API KEY on the My products page. If you have questions related to the API, contact us.

Input parameters


Required. Get your personal API KEY on the My products page.


Required. The target website's url.

Specifying port numbers is also supported, e.g.

Note that if the URL contains some "special characters", f.e. '&, ?, #, =', you should encode the URL.



SA — Screenshot API credits will be taken into account when the API is called.

DRS — Domain Research Suite credits will be taken into account when the API is called.

Acceptable values: SA | DRS

Default: SA


Optional. Response output format.

Acceptable values: image | base64

Default: image


Optional. Errors output format.

Acceptable values: JSON | XML

Default: JSON


Optional. Image output type.

Acceptable values: jpg | png | pdf

Default: jpg


Optional. Image quality. (only for jpg type).

Acceptable values: 40 < quality < 99

Default: jpg


Optional. Image width (px).

Acceptable values: 100 < width < 3000

Default: 800


Optional. Image height (px).

Acceptable values: 100 < width < 3000

Default: 600


Optional. Image thumb width (px).

Acceptable values: 50 < thumbWidth < width param value

Default: 0



fast - waiting for the document.load event.

slow - waiting for network idle event.

Acceptable values: fast | slow

Default: fast


Optional. If specified (any value), scrolls down and to the scrollPosition (useful for full-page screenshots).


Optional. Specifies scroll's behavior

Acceptable values: top | bottom

Default: top


Optional. If specified (any value), makes full-page screenshot.


Optional. If specified (any value), disables JS.


Optional. Custom delay (ms) before screen capture.

Acceptable values: 0 < delay < 10000 ms

Default: 250


Optional. Custom timeout (ms) for page loading. API will respond with an error if our server can't load the page within the specified timeout.

Acceptable values: 1000 < timeout < 30000 ms

Default: 15000


Optional. deviceScaleFactor value for the emulator.

Acceptable values: 0.5 < scale < 4.0

Default: 1.0


Optional. If specified (any value), emulates retina display.


Optional. The 'User-Agent' header string.


Optional. The 'Cookie' header string in the following format: name1=value1;name2=value2.

Please ensure that the query string is properly encoded.


Optional. If specified (any value), emulates mobile device.


Optional. If specified (any value), emulates device with a touch screens.


Optional. If specified (any value), renders page in landscape mode (useful for smartphone emulation).


Optional. If specified (any value), the API responds with 422 HTTP error code when the target domain name is changed due to redirects.

Free access

After Sign Up you automatically get a free subscription plan limited to 500 DRS credits.

Usage limits and requests throttling

The maximum number of requests per minute is 120. In case that the limit is breached, your subsequent requests will be rejected until the next minute.

This API is also available with a dedicated load balancer and premium endpoint to enable faster querying as part of our Premium API Services and Enterprise API Packages.